Mahagun Mmillennia


Introducing Mahagun Mmillennia Where life happens

A place that has limitless options for you to indulge, where your every desire gets fulfilled, where one is spoiled is for choices. With its forte in building luxury spaces for customers, Mahagun is bringing a marvel where people can spend complete family time. Mahagun Mmillennia is the new hub of entertainment located at the next growth corridor - Crossings Republik. Because in the end, the little celebrations of life lie where you can have true enjoyment with your loved ones


Welcome to shopper's paradise

The main shopping area has been designed as a reflection of a fascinating contemporary city. It comprises a pool of high-end brands as well as necessity stores to satiate the shopper in you.

A spectrum of national and international brands fulfilling all the wishes and offering you the ultimate shopping experience. Be ready to visit a shopper's paradise.

Food Court

Savour a variety of gourmet delicacies

Dining is at the heart of an integrated shopping experience that fosters lasting memories. Four extravagant restaurants and a food court, open landscaped terraces with a view of the sprawling Ghaziabad Cityscape will make a perfect setting for any gastronomic adventure. Additionally, the magnificent views and grand ambience will make for an unparalleled premium dining experience.

Anchor Stores

Finest Boutique stores to fulfil your shopping desire.

We provide the right space for your business by placing anchor stores that ensure lucrative opportunities by bringing foot traffic your way. In today’s retail-oriented market, we offer the space you need to keep your business profitable.

Hyper Market

One-stop solution for all your daily needs.

Mahagun Mmillennia offers a full range of products and services at every price point for all the family. As a one-stop destination, it will bring the customers the best of everyday services.

Entertainment Zone

A delightful voyage of entertainment for fun evenings with your family

Presenting a state-of-the-art entertainment zone charged with never-ceasing excitement. With Spaces for an uber gaming arcade, bowling zone, and a lot more, it is the ultimate Family Entertainment Center for a unique experience.

Strike your stress with a bowling zone

Come and indulge in a fun game at Mahagun Mmillennia’s state-of-the-art bowling alley.

A four-lane alley crafted with perfection to give you the maximum strikes and a smooth play. So, tie up your laces and get ready to experience the best bowling game ever with your loved ones.


A watch worthwhile state-of-the-art multiplex

Leisure and entertainment will be part of the core experience for visitors, engaging all ages and deepening the sense of family and community interaction.

The third & fourth floor is exclusively dedicated to the 4-screen multiplex with a capacity of around 700 seats, where the entire cinematic experience will be truly enthralling. Cinema-goers are bound to indulge in some fabulous retail shopping to complete their experience of visiting an uber-trendy mixed-use property.